Sunday, 19 February 2012

Drunken Beauty?

So last night I went clubbing at Kpop where the event was a Jay Park Giveaway Special..I don't remember them giving anything away though, unless I missed out. =_=" 
My friend Victoria and I got quite a few free drinks by a few guys. I felt bad but it was their choice after all. I tried to run away from them but they somehow kept finding me and in the end they gave up trying. Did they really think they could get me and Victoria in bed with all the drink buying?! Just because it's a club doesn't mean you can disrespect girls! Hmph! 

Anyway, after the club, this guy randomly asked me if I knew about the 'Christian Movement' in which I confusingly looked at him but still replied 'yes' to. He then lectured me about beauty and how if a guy commented on your beauty in a club, then he is fxcked up because there's a chance that you are drunk or tipsy. I can't remember every word he said, but to summarise, he basically said that no girl is beautiful when they're tipsy/drunk because that's when a girl has no etiquette. The only time a girl is actually beautiful is her being lady-like with good mannerisms and when she is sober
Next minute, I was in a weird and wacky world playing Mario Kart Racing, but I was actually in the car racing, collecting gold coins and going through water tunnels. There were some levels that were over-the-top crazy and there were racing car tasks such as making the car bounce over walls where I watched Tails from Sonic demonstrate the task for me! :3

I woke up with a really dry mouth and headache which saddened me because the Mario racing game dream was fun!!

It's funny the way I got lectured about beauty in my dream. I agree yet disagree with the statement because there are some of girls that can handle their drinks and still be able to compose themselves well.

Gold Coins
To see gold coins in your dream represent success and wealth.

To dream that you are in a race represents your competitive spirit and how you tend to measure yourself against others. Alternatively, this dream may mean that you need to slow down and take a different course in life.


  1. most of club in europe disrespect girl -_-"
    my friends told me like that..they treat women like whore..duhh..not all like them..a few.

  2. damn that's unfortunate. But the way women carry themselves off plays a part. So definitely if they act like a whore, they'll be treated like one.

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