Sunday, 25 March 2012

Kpop BIGBANG Giveaway Event

So the second Kpop club event of March was a BIGBANG giveaway in celebration of their new comeback album, ALIVE. Kpop has always been fun every time I went. Mainly because I like the fact I'm burning so many calories from dancing! This time, I danced five and a half hours straight with only three, three minute breaks! I must have burnt 2000-3000cal!

Shireen and I went shopping for an outfit the evening before Saturday. We found what we wanted on Forever21's website but upon visiting the store, the clothes we wanted weren't there, so we had to do last minute rushing before the stores closed! Damn you Forever21!! We managed to get what we thought looked good, making sure that our outfits looked kind of match-able. I combined a sheer black sleeveless shirt, boob tube underneath, with white and mint green striped hot pants adding in a pair of thigh high black socks and flat boots. Shireen wore a sheer, floral-patterned, mint green sleeveless shirt, boob tube with navy blue hotpants with tights underneath and grey boots. It's a shame we don't have a full length photo of our outfits. 

Here we are posing with some friends we made.
You can just about see what we're wearing here. xD

As usual, we arrived early because we wanted to be the first 50 and we didn't want to pay the £10 fee. Teehee >:P.  However..being early has it's downside: feeling really shy and awkward dancing when hardly anyone's around because you feel like you're being watched. Hardcore!

Waiting for the club to fill up..

The music was really good compared to the last Kpop event. It was so good, we danced until we sweated as much as we could sweat from just standing in Malaysia in the heat for 15 minutes. Such thirsty work, we drank so much!...water! Yes, we were avoiding alcohol all night, even if we got offered free drinks from guys xD. 

This was probably about 2am. Looking sweateh!

Oh my gosh I was so close to grabbing the glow ball to win one of the BIGBANG albums. I was standing right next to the guy who caught it and I was trying to grab it off him but I he held it so bloody tight. =="

Ladies Room picture must-take. 

Standing Infront of a Fan picture must-take.

A few guys making their move, drink offers and recognising me from YouTube later
we made a bunch of new friends :)

Posing drunk to end the night.

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  1. Thought you was going to do a giveaway event :"( so sad you didnt!!

    anw, the part looks so cool. You look beautiful