Thursday, 29 March 2012

Ridiculous Model Castings

Of course, when you're a model, you have to go to castings so the client can see what you look like and see any skills you may have for you to be chosen as the perfect model for the product.

As a part time commercial model, I have been to many castings where it could be a simple fill-in-your-details-and-have-a-couple-of-polaroids-taken or acting out various emotions. Commercial modelling looks for more 'natural' looking people as opposed to the ones you see in top fashion magazines and such. 

I have been to some crazy and embarassing castings but you really have to fight the embarassment and impress the client! ..Even if you have no skill in that area whatsoever. For example, I went to a casting for Trident where I had to pretend to dodge a violent attacking bubblegum with a fake, floppy katana. The client also asked me to do some PRO sword movements with this flipping floppy thing..and you can guess that I had no skill in swordsmanship. If I had known that it involved looking awesome with a katana, I would've practiced the night before! One girl even brought her own! So extra..>:o 
Another strange casting I went to was for a music video, where I had to pretend I was possessed but also look like I was having an orgasm. Yeah. That was frickin' weird. 

Anyway, what I wanted to share with you was one of the three castings I went to yesterday. It was a casting for a music video and I think it was one of the weirdest and most embarassing one I've ever done. Lucky it was a woman directing me..if it was a man, I think he would've been able to smell my non-smelly sweat for I was sweating buckets! It didn't help that it was a really hot day either! Anyway, first, I was asked to say my name, age, ethnicity and agency. Ok, simples. I was then asked to pick up sushi with chopsticks and do various emotions to the camera whilst holding the sushi to my mouth. Done. That was it. *That was a quick casting,* I thought.


There's more!

I was then asked to lay on the table, with my legs spread as if I'm giving birth. In fact, I had to pretend that a conveyer belt with sushi was coming out of my kitty. At the same time I had to act sexy, rubbing my body and flirting with the camera. CAN YOU SAY AWWWWWWKKKWWWARDD...

The casting finished with me doing a dutty booty pop 'n' shake. lololololol.
"Pics or it didn't happen." 
- - Ok.

Shut up. I need to work on my booty pop.

I wonder what other weirdness is in store for me.. ==