Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nico Nico Success!


Today I had my very first live broadcast on Nico Nico excluding the one that I did at Hyper Japan. I wasn't as shy as I was at Hyper Japan but I was still a little nervous; I felt myself sweating ohohoho. It was really fun and I didn't expect it to last more than half an hour but people enjoyed watching so I did two more shows which lasted an hour and a half altogether. It was annoying though, because there's a ten second lag and when I hear myself talk whilst I'm talking, it confuses me! And my flippin' webcam mic is shit so at times I would be deafening! =="

Here's a link to one of the shows I did today: Nico Nico 3

I plan to do more live broadcasting at least once a week so please watch out for notices on my Facebook page! :D

Here is a vlog update:

Also, people think I dyed my hair, even though I mentioned I'm wearing a wig in the vlog. Silly humans! But what do you think of it? I might wear it as a casual thing and not just for cosplay. At least my hair doesn't have to go through damage by dying it. :D

Thanks for reading my short blog! Hopefully I can remember my dream for my next entry!


  1. "Mấy thằng ngu" :DDD An chửi hay lắm. Cười đau bụng...

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah...her hair is not virgin

  3. no matter what..u are really cute =)