Tuesday, 10 April 2012

AnnxChar & April Haul-niness

I went to meet Char at Shepard's Bush to buy fabrics for our upcoming cosplay in May for the MCM Expo. I usually keep what I'm cosplaying as a secret but I might as well say because I'm really excited about this. It will be a group cosplay of..Final Fantasy XIII-2! :D With me as Lightning. It's my first time making armour, and so far it's going ..OK. But I shall blog about that another time.

Char has no experience in choosing fabrics so I had to help and we went to visit a couple of the fabric shops. We went into one where I knew that the dude working there was extremely friendly..and after a lot of whining about how expensive the fabrics were, we managed to get a good bargain!! 
Muahahah かわいいですね ガールパオワ!!

Some fabric I bought for Lightning's feather skirt (top white lacy looking ting) and for a cosplay for CamCon (red & white fabric). I will be cosplaying the CamCon mascot and appearing as a 'guest' xD

After fabric shopping, Char and I went to Westfield. Honestly we didn't plan the day and just did spontaneous shiz. Char bought a pretzel but she dropped half of it on the floor, so we went to get massive chunks of free sample pretzels to make up for the half that she paid for haha. 

Tea break at Snog and camwhoring time! :3

Char looks sexeh.

Oh wait. We went to Superdrug before we had Snog! Ah well, not bothered to edit this around. Heee :p 

I had a list written down of stuff I needed to buy from Superdrug. I needed a lot of nail/hand care products since being accepted into a parts modelling agency, I need to take really good care of my hands. I'M SO HAULLLLLLL-NY.

1. Hollister Scented Body Mist Spray
2. White Nail Pencil
3. 6 Way Nail Buffer
4. Cuticle Cutter
5. Garnier Hand Cream
6. Vaseline Hand Cream
7. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
8. Palmer's Scar Serum
9. Cocoa Butter Formula
10. (Forgot to add to the pile) Cuticle Massage Cream

I didn't plan to buy the Hollister sprays!! We randomly browsed around Hollister, saw some testers and when we tried one, we fell in love. They smell so BUFFTINGS. Better and cheaper than using perfume, which is bad for your skin anyway. PLUS there was an awesome bargain! One bottle is £10 but THREE is for £18!! That's £12 off! :D Man..now that I'm writing this, I want to buy more and sell them to make extra cashie!! Teehee~~~

I just realised most of the products are minty green or pink

Char still waiting for her loan to come through so we did a lot of window shopping. We spent ages looking for this socks/hosiery store called Tabio but we couldn't find it..because it had closed down. ==" 

Hungry desoo so we ate at Wagamama.

I usually get chicken katsu curry but I wanted something different. Char recommended this dish that was apparently really spicy, called Yasai katsu curry, but when it arrived at the table, it wasn't the dish she thought it was. Nooooooooob~ xD 

Char doodled on the Hollister bag. The model doesn't have abs!! It's so weird to see a toned dude with no abs. We pinchy his nippoos. OHOHOHO~. You should see the bag now. She added nostril hairs, crotch hairs and nippple hairs after this picture was taken. LOL!

Was a fun day! ^_^
Here's a new display picture I took for my FB, and one that wasn't good enough to make it as my profile pic :)


  1. Ann..annn...Holliiiish*t..hahaha..why you playing tits there..LOL

  2. that cocoa butter stuff makes me so hungry

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