Saturday, 2 June 2012

My Awesome 21st Birthday!

Dude, this entry is PICTURE HEAVY. 

Oh my goodness! It's been a while since I've written a blog. So I shall write about my birthday. Yes, my birthday, which was nearly a month ago. On the 9th, just to remind you. xD

So I am finally 21. FOREVER 21!! This birthday was the best birthday I have ever had. I have never had a big birthday celebration before where many people were invited. Actually that's a lie. My 16th was kiiiind of big, but people mainly came for the alchopops and none of the attention was on me LOL. So lame.. 

*Crap. It's quite difficult to remember at the moment. I've been infront of the screen for a few hours now and my brain is frying. After this, I shall get off and do a work out.*

The first of my celebrations was with Will on Friday 4th May. I had finished work and he came to pick me up to take me to an awesome sushi place he kept talking about called Makiyaki. Makiyaki is the best sushi place everrrr, located in Wimbledon. It's a shame I didn't take pictures of the sushi. I plan to go again so I will update this post with pictures when I can. :) 

Later that night, he surprised me with this beautiful birthday cake. But it was funny because he thought the 5th was my birthday and to see his cute face look sad when I told him my birthday is on the 9th made me LOL!!! Kyaaa~~ xD

The 5th of May was the 2nd day of celebrating my birthday early. I was real excited as I dressed up in my pink maid outfit, feeling all special and shit. :P 
Will and I met up with Char, Shireen and Aaron in China Town to have dinner at HK Diner using the £25 voucher I won from the JnG bunny night event, which the boss almost refused to take. 

After a quick oily meal, we did the usual tradition of taking purikura pictures, and of course, camwhoring in the booth because the lighting is 


It was still too early to go to the club so we went to Bubbleology for some bubble tea in Soho.  We attracted quite a bit of attention on our way there with us girls in our maid outfits and Aaron in his butler attire. But we looked awesome. ;] 

It was most of our first time there as we were never attracted to that place but after Will convinced us that it was the most authentic shxt there was in Chinatown/Soho, we just had to try it. 

WE HAZ ARRIVED AT DA CLURB. Still quite early though. There was hardly anyone when we arrived. xD  Slowly, the club started to fill up. So many people arrived and I was enjoying my ass off! It was great. This video sums up the night. :) 

CLICK CLICK this video to see me party away! :D
geeez I sound so annoying in the interview part.

On the 6th was the third day of celebrating. It was a karaoke night, organised by JnG. Was fun singing and shit, then they surprised me with a birthday cake omfg. My 2nd birthday cake so far and it wasn't even my actual birthday then! Got a bit hyper and tipsy on some wine and ended up doing dance moves with a mop. Ah seriously, I wish I had my camera. Actually, I did, but I had forgotton my SD card. Noob me. ¬_¬

Here are some pictures I managed to steal off Ling.

FINALLY, on my actual birthday, I met up with Jon and hung out with him for the day which I had not done so in a while so it was great to catch up :3 . We had a lovely meal at Misato, ordering my usual tempura soba noodles, mmmmfff...then we went to watch American Pie 4. I recommend this movie; it was flippin' hilarious!  
Oh yeh, it was the Dark Shadows premiere. I saw Johnny Depp -like, a fxcking tiny dot of him LOL. He was too far away and I didn't bother to wait for him to come to where I was standing as I had to meet up with Bruce because he wanted to surprise me with my birthday gift.

After saying 'see yous' to Jon, I met up with Bruce in Covent Garden where he told me to close my eyes so that he could lead me to my present. After about a 7 minute walk through Covent Garden, with my eyes completely closed, I was standing infront of the Lyceum theatre. HE BOUGHT TICKETS TO SEE THE LION KING WHICH I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED. Couldn't believe this fool man. Seriously. And to think, I was gonna back out on this..

Lion King was brilliant! I'd watch it again, but with different actors. Simba wasn't toned and passionate enough. His man tits kept bouncing, shxt man. LOOOOOOL. 
We ended the night with a meal at TGI Fridays and after finishing my meal and coming back from the restroom, the TGI staff sang the birthday song to me and gave me a chocolate birthday cake, which Bruce sneakily told them to do for me. So awesome. :P 

That night, when I arrived home, there were a bunch of flowers sitting on my desk..

To finish off, I celebrated on the 13th as well, with the FAH!CAT gang and co.
It was a beautiful, chilled out day browsing around the cool boutiques and shops of Camden Town and messing about in ChinaTown/Soho. And. Of course, purikura. :3


But yeh, that's my birthday celebrations wrapped up. Best birthday ever. My 21st is one to be remembered. :P
Thanks for everyone who celebrated with me and wished me Happy birthdays and stuff, all the gifts, cakes, everything! I LOVE YOU ALL <3 

I had a fantastic May!!


  1. you are so beautiful x HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 x ^_^

  2. hi:)
    your youtube channel has brought me here before i realised u've just had your birthday
    late happy birthday :D
    i wonder why japanese girl like u can speak such good english. now i know u live in the UK!

  3. chúc mừng sinh nhật, ANN !!! i'm a Vietnamese, Happy birthday to you!
    Phan Tuấn Kiệt

  4. A lot of cute pictures. Hehehe. I'm Vietnamese. I live in Cần Thơ. I'm 22 years old. Nice to make friends :D

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  6. The first...i want to say " happy birthday to u " i know it 's toi late...but i want to say its ^^ And now....i want to tell you about my felling when i saw you...u r crazy but awesome....naughty but u totally take away my heart ^^ i really really want to be friend with you.....kê´t bạn vơ´i mi`nh nha....ngươi con ga´i Việt Nam đa´ng yê twitter account is Netherdraker ^^

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