Thursday, 31 January 2013

Hyper Japan Haul :3

I'm two months late to even write about this but I thought I'd do it anyway because I feel like to write something on my oh-so-dusty-blog. Also, tidying up my oh-so-dusty room and finding stuff I got from Hyper Japan made me want to show you guys my little haul!

Hyper Japan was definitely a wallet burner but luckily I knew a couple of people at the stalls so you can guess that I got a good price for my purchases ;B

My friend was selling Japanese kitkats!! Look how small and cute they are!
Sweet potato, blueberry cheesecake and sakura matcha flavours!

Yes, taken with my iPhone because I was lazy to do it with my proper camera. xD

I also got chocolate for my friend, Haz, because the packaging had a Japanese model on it called Rola, and he loves her! I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy Rola chocolate! Where else can you buy this shiz?! :3 

Image from Haz's facebook without asking for his permission HAHAHAHA <3 :3

GIF attack!! To make you jealous and wish you had these cute chocolates.

Sushi Noms was the name of the stall where I got these awesome chocolates!

This is a cute plushie called Marshmawwo. That's pronounced: MARSH-MA-WHOA!
The colour and squishiness of it reminds me of marshmallows that I feel like to eat her! That sounds SO WRONG.. (o_o")

 I received these free Yu-Gi-Oh cards by playing it with my friend Yami at her stall because she wanted me to attract people to come to the stall LOL! 
I dunno what to do with them because I don't play Yu-Gi-Oh!

This is a body scrub thing. I usually use small Korean Italy towels but this one is longer so I can easily scrub my back with it! 


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and watch out for my vlog where I shall be making you guys jealous and eating these Japanese kitkats with glee. :3 


  1. It worked tho' 8D

    people were crowding you! <3

  2. Yu Gi Oh's card.. Summoned Skull.. 2500 att, 1200 def..
    and only required 1 tribute monster to summon it..
    used to be one of my favourite card..
    missed those days.. lol..
    screamed out the quote "I call forth.. my summoned skull"
    ok.. too much info.. XD