Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Girl Gamer - Explanation

This blog post is to elaborate each scene of my video, Girl Gamer, to help my viewers that don't quite understand the video in my point of view. Like.. directors notes that explain more about the content of a movie. :)

When I make a video, I have this silly idea in my head that all the viewers will be able to understand what I'm trying to say or express. It has hit me that this isn't so. There is always extreme exaggeration to things to add to the comedy, but some people just take it so seriously.

Let's just get straight to the point. :)

Gamer Girl focuses on ditsy, airheaded girls who thinks she's the best at everything; thinks she's a hardcore gamer, has to mention that she's a gamer girl all the time when it comes to topic, has to mention her gender.
The other characters in the video don't represent true/hardcore gamers or the title of the video. They're just there to aid Gamer Girl's character. I repeat, this video only focuses on the ditsy sounding one.

Scene 1 - The Intro.
"I'm a simple girl who loves fashion and GAMES. Yep, a combination of fashion and GEEK. Isn't that just AWESOME?!?! HA! I am such a nerd~!"

In this little profile, she mentions geek related stuff four times. GAMES, GEEK, AWESOME (exaggeration how awesome it is that she loves games and how geeky she is) and then saying she's a NERD.
It's nice to read profiles to get to know the person more but when for example, she has to express how much she loves games or how everything is the best game in the world or  how much nerd-ness she has in her, is that really necessary? In another point of view, I just read it as 'fake nerd.'
A simple statement would've done justice, "I love fashion and games."

Scene 2 - Showing off Gamecube
Gamecubes are cool. I enjoyed playing Super Smash Brothers Melee on it, which was one of the two Gamecube games I owned. <3  I wish I had monies back then to buy more Nintendo games..

Anyway this scene should be easy to understand. Two players playing Pokémon (note that I mention 'players', because they could've been a boy and a girl, or two boys, but I wasn't bothered to dress up as a boy) and then 'Gamer Girl' comes in showing off a Gamecube, which she doesn't ever play, but only uses it for taking photos with, which if so, is obviously for the attention.

Scene 3 - Camwhore pics on Facebook with controllers
It's not that obvious, but this kind of leads on from scene 2. Gamer Girl, with sarcasm, says she loves games. She posts pictures as proof that she plays them, but she actually doesn't.

Scene 4 - iPhone Games
Gamer Girl mentions she plays lots of iPhone games. In my opinion, I don't think phone games makes one a true gamer. Phone games aren't a hobby. It's just there to pass time when you're bored at work or on public transport.

Scene 5 - "Go easy on me, coz I'm a girl"
In this scene, I can confirm that I wanted to play as two different girls, unlike Scene 2.
There isn't a specific game they're playing but one can assume its a fighting game. Gamer Girl says:  "Go easy on me, coz I'm a girl"  which is silly because she's playing against a girl as well. (and the bit where Gamer Girl goes "Oooh~!" was just a little extra bit, as a girly reaction to something that has happened on screen)

Scene 6 - Button Bashing Girl Gamer
Note, so far, in almost every scene one way or another, there would be some reference of Gamer Girl mentioning or showing that she's a girl. I didn't do it in this scene because I forgot to, but the viewer has to assume that it's included anyway. :)

Gamer Girl and a player are playing a fighting game, Dead or Alive 5 to be exact. Gamer Girl wins because she button bashes (and I play this very exaggeratedly  and not enabling the other player able to make their move and so, laughs hysterically and calls the other player a 'noob' because they couldn't do anything. She feels elite and sexy; her posture and body language (curving her back and raising her chest) shows this to the viewer. I wanted the viewer to watch that and think thast instead of her saying '"I'm a girl, and I just beat you!",  it can be read through her body language. I also wanted the viewer to think, "This fake gamer thinks she's so top when all she did was rape that controller! She doesn't deserve to call herself a true gamer!"

Scene 7 - Tweeting about game
Not much to explain about this one. Gamer Girl tweets about an 'awesome' game, and from her tweet, we think that she has played the game.  In fact, she hadn't even begun playing yet. All she did was watch an introduction.

Scene 8 - Gamer Girl Status
I should have chosen a different game to say instead of Pokémon. Like, My Little Ponies or something. Because Pokémon's too good <3 Anyway, what's done is done.

So Gamer girl is playing Pokémon and shouts out, #GamerGi1rLlllL000ve. in which her friend replies, "Isn't that the only game you play?" This may be elitist of me, that a couple of people have pointed out, but I don't think playing one game makes you a true gamer. I've play Pokémon since Yellow, and it's one of the two games I play religiously, but I don't consider myself a gamer. Just a big fan of Pokémon.

Scene 9 - More Girl Expressing.
The final scene shows us Gamer Girl talking rubbish game speech that doesn't really make sense and then she expresses with her soul and passion that she's a Gamer Girl. The joke -then comes a Jewish guy claiming he likes to play games and says he's a Jew Gamer. I want the viewer to think, if gender can be brought into the gaming community, why not religion?  I chose Judism for a quick and easy phrase. 'Buddhist Gamer, Christian Gamer, Muslim Gamer etc, it's a moutful. Jew Gamer, is catchy xD
 There have been a couple of people who think I'm being anti-Semitic. How? Just because I dressed up like that? I wanted to make myself look like the typical Orthodox Jew, use clothes that I have available in my wardrobe and a face prop that makes me look different. But in no way am I hating on Jews. I didn't make jokes about them or said anything that people would usually associate with them. There are so many stereotype jokes and parodies and they are much, much worser than me dressing up as an Orthadox Jewish man saying "I like games."

There have been a few comments saying that this video is so extreme and that it will scare those who want to enter the gaming community away. I have to disagree. I replied to those comments, not in these exact words but something along the lines of, 

"I think this society is strong. If you love doing whatever it is you love doing, continue. Go for it. Don't let anybody stop you. Look at 'weaboos' and 'wannabe asians'. Most of them are girls who look fragile and would break at the sight of the word 'weaboo' but no, man. They're so hardcore; nothing's stopping them. I actually respect that factor despite so many people shoving negativity in their faces.

People need to stop giving a crap about what others think.

I hope this entry makes sense and has opened up your mind just that little bit more and helped with any misunderstandings. If there is anything else you'd like to know of my opinion, leave a comment. There will be those stubborn people who refuse to take in what I say like this hardcore feminist gamer girl that I came across, but that's cool. xD

Thanks! ^^


  1. hi~

    this video (no offense) wasn't too funny, cool or new at overall; the background idea is pretty exploited already

    would be really appreciated something as viral, talented and inspirated as your meme faces vids :)))

    anyways, you are perfect

  2. I'm not much of a gamer. I classify myself more as a "simmer" than I do a gamer because I play sims 3. (Which I've neglecting because of work and school T-T) I don't own a game system because I don't have the money and or I rather do something else.